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  Optical Fiber Transmission
  • NG SDH Terminal 
  • SDH Terminal
  • PDH Terminal 
  • NMS
  • Passive Accessories
 Power Line Transmission

      Power Line Carrier

  • Full Digital PLC
  • Semi Digital PLC
     Tele Protection Systems
  • Digital TPS Universal
  • Semi Digital TPS
 Radio Transmission
  • Microwave Radio Transmission
  • PDH Radio Carriers
  • SDH Radio Carriers
  • Point to Point digital radio equipment
  • Point to Multipoint digital radio system (PMP)
  • LAN to LAN radio connections
  • Point to Point
  • UHF Radio
  • VHF Radio
  • Spread spectrum Radio
  • V SAT
  • Trunk Radio
  • Power Line Transmission

 Multiplexer & Modem  
  • 8Mbps optical Multiplexer
  • 2Mbps Electrical & optical Multiplexer
  • Optical modem
  • Low rate modem 
  •  IP Based PABX (50 to 2000 ports)

Data Communication

  •  Solutions & Services

              Local Area Network (LAN)

              Wide Area Network (WAN)

              IPTN (IP Telecom Network)
              Security Solution
              VPN Solution

Video Communication
  • Solutions & Services


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You Know I.C.S Through Which Field?

SCADA systems consist of RTU, SCADA software and control center hardware. Regarding to functionality of networks besides of SCADA software, power application software (PAS), such as energy management system (EMS) and distribution management system (DMS) will be supplied as customer request...


What is Substation Automation? 

Integrated implementation of Control, Monitoring and Protection of subsystems based on microprocessor technology and digital data transmission in a power station is what we call Substation Automation...

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